Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Luz Azul and the beach

This last Saturday for World Autism Awareness Day I had the opportunity to go to an event that raises awareness for autism. The event was called Luz Azul and held at Parque de las Aguas. They had bands playing, water shows, plenty of blue lights and many people there to support autism awareness. It made my heart so happy that I could support autism awareness while studying abroad in another country.

 Enciendo una luz por el autismo!

 The rainbow fountain was my favorite! 

 Ahnika and Ashley playing in the water fountain 

On Sunday I went with my host sister, her aunt, and her aunts friends to the beach. We left at 6:30 in the morning to take a bus out to a small district just outside of Lima called Mala. The bus ride was a couple hours and then when we got there we went to a restaurant to eat. Then after walking around the town and main plaza we finally headed to the beach. There were hundreds of little crabs running around on the sand and lots of birds. After a couple hours on the beach we left to go to the next town over to eat lunch. I liked this town, it was smaller and very quiet. The food was really good and my plate was huge! 

 My host sister Isa and I on the beach :)

 My meal with a piece of chicken the size of my head!
 The cats that watched us eat :)

 The small town near Mala 

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